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The Official poster for the world premiere of Vandal.

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Vandal is the story of Nick Cruz, also known as “Damage,” a young, highly talented graffiti writer and artist, struggling to justify the world of illegal graffiti as he experiences loss, love and the consequences he created for himself. Set against the back drop of the world famous Wynwood Arts District in Miami, the film explores the personal and societal struggles of an extremely talented underground graffiti writer living by a code that is no longer justifiable in the new world of globalized graffiti/street art.

Vandal, inspired by true stories, was shot on location in Miami’s Wynwood, Little Havana, and Little Haiti neighborhoods, highlighting Miami's gritty streets as well as its multi-cultural heritage.


Director: Jose Daniel Freixas          Producer: Tony Gonzalez          Director of Photography: Caleb Heymann


The Cast



Directed by acclaimed director, Jose Daniel “Jaydee” Freixas (also of “Magic City Memoirs”), Vandal is the story of a young leader of a legendary Miami graffiti art crew. The film explores the struggle of street artists to keep their art alive

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Movies like Miami Vice, Bad Boys and Pain & Gain dream up a very specific idea of the sunny Florida city. The opening scene of Jose Daniel Freixas’ Vandal immediately announces his film as offering a very different kind of take on the Cuban-American director’s hometown.

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Another homegrown film premiering at the festival is “Vandal,” the gritty directing debut by Miami native Jose Daniel Freixas about the thrills and struggles of illegal graffiti artists. It’d be a compelling subject for any director, but all the more so for Freixas, as he’s been immersed in that scene for most of his life.

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Chicana From Chicago
“10 Outstanding Movies Made by Latinos COMING SOON”

Born in the 305 and a graffiti artist himself Jaydee’s story is about a bourgeoning artist who finds his voice just as he breaches the crossroads between the street art world and illegal bomb graffiti world. 

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"I'm not a Writer-Director who has an interest in graffiti. I'm a Writer-Director who lived the graffiti life."

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"Miami’s film industry is on life support. Can it survive?"

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With “Vandal,” Freixas may have finally realized his dream of making a film about graffiti. But that doesn’t mean it’s not still in his blood. “It wasn’t too long ago that I was out on the streets vandalizing something,” he says. “It’s one of those things that anybody that has come up in the graffiti world knows: Old habits die hard.”

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Exilium will bring graffiti art to the big screen on March 7 when the production company premieres Vandal at Miami Film Festival. With a storyline that pits Cuban-American graffiti artist…”

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"A Cuban-American filmmaker who has been a graffiti artist since the age of 10 is fulfilling his dream of bringing the story of these sometimes misunderstood street muralists to the big screen."

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"Kelly "RISK" Gravel will also treat the star-studded crowd to an exclusive live performance during..."

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"...Heidi Klum, the “FURTIF ART PROJECT” and kicked off the feature film, VANDAL."

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